Kevin Munc

Three weeks into the year, and I’ve finished reading three books so far. πŸ“š

Maybe I should try this Epilogue thing? πŸ˜…

Just based on my own experience, I think that FedEx has fallen way behind UPS and USPS this year.

β€œOut for delivery”, more often than not, turns into Β«two days later.Β»

I’m digging this new podcast, American Football.

I know much about the early history of the NFL β€” particularly the Jim Thorpe aspects of the story β€” but I’m learning a lot more here. 🏈

Been watching some talks from NeovimConf, but have been most interested to see the Lapce (Rust- and GUI-based) and especially the Helix (Rust- and terminal-based) talks. πŸ™ƒ Might catch the (also Rust-based) zed talk later, too.

Happy Repeal Day!

Happy Krampusnacht!

Here’s a summary of what my music platform said topped my 2022:

  • Top Song: Golden Liar by Zeal & Ardor
  • Top Artist: Between the Buried and Me
  • Top Album: Error by The Warning


3 packages arriving today.

First arrived, as expected.

Second went to the wrong address (UPS).

Third went to a different wrong address (Amazon).

At least I eventually tracked them all down…

Family Holiday Tradition, '22 Edition

Tonight, we commence a family tradition of watching all of The Hobbit and all three of The Lord of The Rings movies together – between now and the New Year.

For the first time, though, we’re missing doing this without our son, who is decided to stay at college in Maine.

He’ll be back for Christmas, though! :)

Happy Thanksgiving! πŸ¦ƒ

Also, happy Friendsgiving!

Good wishes, too, to those observing Thankstaking, Un-thanksgiving Day, or National Day of Mourning.

And, tomorrow, Native American Heritage Day.

Go is a teenager now

Happy Carl Sagan Day!

V O O O O O T E !

Just read in a marketing email:

You can’t un-play a Nickleback song. The damage is done.

(Poor Nickelback.)

To Vim or Not to Vim? (Or, to Helix, or, maybe, just stick with vscode?)

Years ago, I used Vim daily. I could feel my fluency grow. I liked it.

But then the near necessity of having to use Xcode weaned me off of it.

Now that I also do Flutter dev (usually in vscode), I could go back. And I try sometimes.

Maybe I’m too impatient with it, but I want to get work done, not work on my editor. πŸ™ƒ

Still, I think LSP has been a help with some of that, and I probably should give a “pre-packaged neovim” thing like LunarVim a fair shot. I’m also very intrigued by Helix – though I should not try both at once since switching back and forth between vim’s flavor of modal editing and Helix’s Kakoune-style flavor could get confusing. πŸ™‚

On this day…

October 19, 1994

NeXT Computer, Inc. and SunSoft, Inc. are pleased to release the specification of the final OpenStep application programming interface.

It’s a 3-concert week for me: 🎸

Tomorrow –> Zeal & Ardor (spirituals+black metal),

Monday –> Rivers of Nihil (tech death), and

Friday –> Iron Maiden (🀘🀘).

Note to self:

Even when it will be 90Β°F at a conference, pack a jacket anyway!

Those conference rooms are 🧊🧊🧊! πŸ₯Ά

People who work at airlines are nice.

Airlines, themselves, are assholes.

Happy Whyday, everybody!

(Post attempt No.2)

I think the ether might have swallowed my most recent post.

Then again, I am on the road in Iceland right now…

Will this post find its way to my timeline?

Is "grumpy" ever a UX goal? πŸ§‚

Is it just me, or does the UX for Zoom’s bottom buttons leave something to be desired?

I click on Chat to glance at a new message, then click again to close it in the same spot, without moving my mouse, only to actually now be tapping the Record button.

I get annoyed with that every time. Daily. (And I get annoyed with myself for not using the keyboard shortcut, ha.)

I understand that they are centered, but that’s not an excuse.

A Curmudgeonly Status (with Parentheticals)

A nice early evening, after a long week. I go out to the front yard to decompress.

I find that I must decompress to the sounds of neighbors using fossil fuels to shape greeneries (with its accompanying noise pollution). πŸ™ƒ

In a little while, a multitude of incandescent lights will illuminate the street (light pollution).

But in between, I’ll likely get to see the bats circling overhead (which I enjoy).

A podcast I subscribe to is playing a guest episode from another podcast where the person being interviewed has their own podcast.

Makes me think I should start two, intentionally meta podcasts: 1) The History of Podcasts, and 2) What’s New in Podcasts. πŸ™„πŸ˜†

Maybe I’m just looking right past it, but I think the 🀘 emoji (among others) is missing from the ‘Reactions’ group in Zoom.


A Better E-G-B-D-F 🎼

During my brief stint as an actual music student taking lessons, I always thought the mnemonic for the notes of the treble clef –Every Good Boy Does Fine– sounded so old fashioned, and so un-musical, that it was a turn off.

I’ve always liked my alternate mnemonic better:

Every Good Band Deserves Fans