Kevin Munc

Where do I get to report on Kindle reading streak failures?

Because there are many.


Lions, Rams, and Other Buckeyes, oh my!

TIL that —like so much of pro football’s history— the Detroit Lions started life as an Ohio team. 🏈

In addition to the Browns & Bengals, see also: the Rams and, kinda, the Ravens.

Furthermore: Canton Bulldogs, Columbus Panhandles, Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Indians/Tigers/Bulldogs, Dayton Triangles, Toledo Maroons, Massillon Tigers, Oorang Indians, etc, etc, etc!

TFW you realize that you first registered your primary domain a quarter century ago.

I’m still on a high from watching the Columbus Crew win the MLS Cup. ⚽

I dislike how season ticket members can’t get their normal seats for the Cup –so we couldn’t sit with our friends– but for the low cost of lots of money, my wife and I were able to get fancier seats. 😅

I’m starting to feel like I should bill Musk for the accumulating time of my limited life span that I’m having to spend reading the phrase “formerly known as Twitter” in all of its variations.

Glad I never have to write it (just “Tw” for me, thanks), too! 😁

Class action, anyone? ;)

I really enjoy the series “Reservation Dogs”.

Big announcement, I know. Hope you can deal with it.

TFW you haven’t sat down for more than an hour, and yet your Apple Watch hasn’t registered that hour as a standing one.

New Repeat Vinyl

When I was young, there were a handful of artists that I had more than one vinyl LP from. KISS was the primary force, but Elvis, Bay City Rollers, John Williams/Star Wars, and my dad’s Bill Cosby records were the other repeat ones before the shift to cassettes hit for me.

These days, I sometimes buy vinyl to support smaller artists I like; for example, I bought two LPs from Master Boot Record a couple of years ago (couldn’t resist those floppy disk-themed platters!).

Well, another artist just joined that repeat list: Blackbraid.

Blackbraid vinyl albums I and II. New Blackbraid II double vinyl LP.

I also use other apps, just not as consistently. This is in Drops.

I study Mandarin and Spanish (and sometimes other langs) in Duolingo, but Duolingo doesn’t have Icelandic, so I mostly use Drops for that.

I gotta have my human languages to go with my programming languages. 😅

465-day streak.

I’m still doing a thing.

A few minutes a day adds up, I guess.

1500-day streak in Duolingo.

WWDC. Tim. Ferris. (No, not Tim Ferris!) 😱

Uh oh.

WWDC begins on the (alleged) anniversary of Ferris’ day off.

Should I take the day off? Will Tim Cook take the day off?!

If I take it off, does that mean I skip the keynote (that is, if Mr. Cook is even working to give it)?

These are pressing questions, people! 🧐 I need guidance and reassurance over here. Hello? Bueller? Bueller?

Currently watching the video here • Segregated By Design.

I continue to be entranced by this guy’s guitar playing. 🎸

This short video doesn’t show half of Matteo Mancuso’s chops, half of his tasty phrasing, etc, but it’s still great. 🎵

It kinda makes me want to stop using a pick……

My top wish for WWDC ‘23?

All Xcode improvements, all day long.

Fix bugs, auto-format on save, extension framework, and more.

(In fact, if they replaced Xcode with a killer LSP + extension(s) for vscode, etc, I’d be even happier.)

2nd wish? How about a huge leap with Siri (“Siri AI Chat”)?

Casual observation: maybe my impression is wrong, but I feel like there have been more guitar solos in the musical performances on SNL this year compared to recent memory.

I take this as a good omen.


All the Heavy Music

It’s a concert-heavy week for me.

Because of that, it kind of pains me, but I’m skipping Polyphia on Thursday.

Still! Last night I saw Queensrÿche with Marty Friedman and Trauma. Tomorrow night is Satan with Night Demon and Haunt. Then Saturday is Morbid Angel with Revocation, Vitriol, and Crypta.

Side note: in the last couple of weeks I also saw Steel Panther with Crobot and Tragedy, and Cro-Mags with Ringworm and No/Más.

I’m glad live shows are back. 🤘

So, just a quick mention that the band I’ve been most excited about for the last 9-10 months is The Warning.

Hard rock. Power trio. Sisters.

Check ‘em out if that sounds like it might be up your alley.

TFW you are at a concert (and not tall), and trying to align your view of whichever band member/instrument you are most interested in between the (many) taller people in front of you.

If you were a fan of Blind Melon back in the day, a local music lover & journalist I know recently shared an interview he did with Shannon Hoon. It kind of brought me back to that crazy time in music and my college days.

TFW Lyft gives you a driver, then switches to a further away driver, then switches to an even further away driver… 🙄

No HK in AN

So, in Apple News you can search and follow “topics”. Among the various kinds of topics are cities and countries.

But there does not seem to be one for Hong Kong.

There are certainly news stories that match, but for a moment I wondered if this could this possibly be an intentional omission to make China happy. Doubtful, I guess, since they have them for Tibet and Taiwan. 🤷

I can tell when my Apple Reminders are “second attempts” via Siri, as they are definitely saltier in their language. 😆

TST Health provides free religious telehealth medication abortion care, courtesy of The Satanic Temple.

It warms my heart to know that the lead singer of “Big Four” Thrash band Anthrax has a Journey tribute band as a side project. 🎸🎤🎵

How long until the old, easily spoof-able telecom system is supplanted with something more secure (not that the next thing won’t be able to be gamed, of course)?